Color Physics Lab

Color Physics Lab
The following services are provided:
·         Color measurement (spectrophotometry)
·         Quality color control
·         Computer color matching
·         Automatic dyeing of textiles in different structures (lab scale)
·         Wet processes (scale lab)
·         Investigation of the reflectance behavior of textiles containing FWA
·         Color measurement of Florcent samples
·         Transmission & absorption measurement of solutions & textiles in UV   visible and near IR
·         Color measurement of non-textiles (papers, plastics, foods, etc.)
·         Light fastness testing
·         Washing fastness testing
·         Fastness to perspiration testing
·         Sublimation fastness testing
·         Wet and dry-rubbing fastness testing
·         Training and consultancy on offered subjects & advising
Note: This laboratory can provide facilities for specialists and students of non-textile fields.