Research Activity

Research Areas

  • Nano-fibrous materials


  • Biotechnology in textile


  • Technical textiles


  • Intelligent textiles


  • Non–wovens


  • Color science


  • Textile dyeing, printing, and finishing
  • Textile auxiliaries


  • Fibers


  • Fibrous filters and membranes


  • Polymer processing
  • Fibrous composites

 Research Facilities
TED is equipped with laboratories intended for both education and research:
•Dyeing and instrumental color measurement system
•Light and washing fastness instruments
•Pilot melt–spinning units
•Wet-spinning unit
•Electrospinning units
•Physical and mechanical testing equipments for fiber, yarn and fabric
•Various weaving looms
•Warp and weft knitting machineries
•Yarn spinning machineries
•Image processing equipment
•Fiber and fabric identification and characterization equipments including FTIR, optical and polarized microscopy, textile acoustic measurement units.